Friday, July 23, 2010

Obama Needs to Man Up; Breitbart's Screwup

I sincerely hope the Obama administration has learned its lesson with the whole sorry-ass Shirley Sherrod affair: don't jump to fucking conclusions; do your research. And most importantly, stop being so afraid of the wing-nut smear machine. Scumbag emeritus Andrew Breitbart and his ilk will always take cheap shots like taking an edit from Sherrod's speech about racial reconciliation and pull a few sentences out of context to make it seem like a racist affirmation. That's what these assholes do. It's not that they have a different political ideology, it's that they are dishonest pieces of shit that don't care about the truth. Slime pays and they've got bills, you know?

But this time, hopefully, the smearmongers will have whatever little credibility they may enjoy questioned a bit more; their race-baiting pronouncements and slimy tactics less likely to be immediately regurgitated. After all, a misunderstood quote is one thing, but to purposely and shamelessly take a positive message and try to fashion it into one of division and hate is not only slanderous but indecent and immoral as well. But, hey, look who we're asking moral certitude from.

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