Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Racism is Dead; Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Too (bridge for sale, also)

The caller in the video clip below calls into C-SPAN to complain that they are putting thru too many calls from "black folks". He also brings up how conservatives and Republicans were quite passive when liberals and progressives attacked George W. Bush. I guess the caller doesn't recall all those times we were told to watch what we said and that to disagree with Bush was to give comfort to the enemy. Remember that, douchebags?

I'm getting really tired of Republican politicians and pundits, Fox Noise commentators, and other assorted sleaze bags--the fatigue-wearing, cowardly draft-dodger Ted Nugent comes to mind--trying to equate the racist and violent reactions we've seen from some of their followers with the likes of Iraq war protesters during W's term. Do these assholes really believe that cutting off someone's gas lines, or making life-threatening phone calls is dissent? Or that dropping off a coffin on someone's front lawn is not one step removed from planting a burning cross? WTF?

And why doesn't anyone in the Democratic/liberal/progressive establishment step up and say so?

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