Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The False Equivalency Game

The few conservative politicians and pundits that have acknowledged the recent violent actions and irresponsible rhetoric from the right are trying to play the false equivalency game, stating how the level of rabid discourse is parallel to the left. Um, no. Not by a long shot. (No pun intended.)

Or in the words of Crooks and Liars' David Neiwert:
Come and talk to us again about how nasty and wrong hateful talk from the left is when:

-- A liberal walks into a church and opens fire on the congregation because they're all a bunch of conservatives and he wants to kill as many right-wingers as he can.

-- A liberal walks into another church and shoots a doctor in the head.

-- A liberal shoots three police officers who come to his door because he fears the president is going to take his guns away.

-- A liberal walks into the Holocaust Museum and shoots a guard because he hates Jews and believes it's time to start a race war.

-- A liberal walks into the Pentagon and opens fire because he believes the government is plotting against its citizens.

-- A pack of gun-loving liberals forms a plot to kill law-enforcement officers and start a revolution.

See, that isn't happening. But it is happening with characters from the right, opening fire on various perceived "liberal" targets, law enforcement officers, and government employees.

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