Friday, March 27, 2009

Evan Bayh (and a few others) Needs to be Bitch-Slapped (literally)

Evan Bayh has been a Senator since 1999. Which means that he spent many years having the GOP run roughshod over him, doing whatever they wanted. Hell, Bush even came out and said after his re-election that he had a "mandate" to do whatever the fuck he wanted.

And now, after all those years, Bayh is a member of the party that controls the House, the Senate, AND the White House. So Bayh has decided that instead of using this advantage to move along legislation that could actually be representative of his and his party's ideology, he should probably step back and make doing these things as difficult as possible, what with his Blue Dog "moderate coalition" nonsense.

I guess it's important to him to be able to help the party that the American people voted OUT of power and since has come up with absolutely nothing remotely resembling the direction that himself, his political party or, based on every poll I've seen, the American people would like to be going in.
The President is having a rough enough time as it is without these "Conservadems" mucking shit up and making things even more difficult.

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