Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The GOP's Waterloo?

The Republicans have taken a stand: right now it seems they are going to be loyal obstructionists during President Obama's administration, and cave to the whims of despicable clowns like Rush Limbaugh, currently the de-facto leader of the GOP. (It's not pretty how they cower at his feet.) Not one House Republican voted for the President's economic stimulus package. Not one. But it passed, regardless. So much for the GOP "reaching across the aisle", "wanting this president to succeed", and the myriad of other empty platitudes and clich├ęs. (Surely, there might be some more bipartisanship in evidence when it comes to a vote in the Senate.)

It must really suck to have been carrying water eight years for an inept, ignorant, spoon-in-his-mouth, aged frat boy; saddled with a Republican presidential candidate you never really wanted; seen your economic, foreign, domestic, and social policies rejected outright by not only the majority of the American people but from within your own party, among whom the first African-American president in US history is said to have a more than 50% approval rating. Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

But, wishing failure on a popular president and starting on this path by opposing his popular economic recovery measure, out of political grandstanding and spite, is that part of the game plan? Of course, these scoundrels are betting on the stimulus to fail, so they can gloat, regardless of how badly in need their constituencies are; or if it works out, banking on the voters to be suffering from political amnesia two years from now come election time, and not remember who voted against the package. The problem with that one is with EVERY SINGLE ONE of the House Republicans voting "no", there is absolutely no room for cover. And, hopefully, the Dems running against them will be sure to remind their constituents of this travesty.

Oh, man. The GOP is flirting with oblivion. Safe travels!