Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oil Barons Deserve Music Biz Fate

Rampant, widespread music piracy/theft—also known as “file sharing”, how cute—has reduced considerably the revenue streams of the major record companies (Sony, WEA, EMI, Universal) and placed their future in a perilous predicament. But if there is any other industry that deserves this or a worse fate, it’s the oil companies with their voracious greed and complete disregard for fair business practices. But what were we to expect during an administration headed by two former oilmen, one of whom we can’t even subpoena to get the minutes of his closed door energy policy meetings. (We could if the Democrats in Congress had any kind of spine.) But that’s OK. They’ll get theirs sooner than later.

In the meantime, we can dream of a
water-fuelled car decimating the fortunes of the oil companies. Far-fetched? Not so much, as it turns out; the Japanese have just invented such a thing: “an electric-powered and environmentally friendly car that…runs solely on water…” 2 pints of which can power this vehicle for “an hour at a speed of 50 mph.” Can you imagine? To quote the Beach Boys, wouldn’t it be nice? Oh, yes indeed. Let’s see if it makes it to the production stage in Japan, first, and then take it from there. Undoubtedly, this would be a beautiful thing. Of course, I realize these are baby steps—and that the evil bastards at the oil companies will spare no expense; leave no morally flexible politician unbribed; try every possible scam to fight this—but I really believe something of this nature is could come to us on a mainstream level, sooner than we think.

Oh, and speaking of oil: with our gas prices having skyrocketed, and Iraq producing 2.5 million barrels a day, why can’t we get any relief over here?

Happy Juneteenth!