Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Ballgame

If it hadn't been before, the developments of the last week or so, have made it painfully clear that while congressional Dems think they are operating on a level playing field, Republicans are keenly attuned to the basic truth about politics: that it's a blood sport, not charm school, and winning is the only thing that matters. I firmly believe that 'when they go low, we go high' is a wonderful rule to abide by in social circles. But in politics, when they go low, you go Sopranos and break their kneecaps because, as we've seen just in the last week alone, abusive PoS don't respect ANYTHING but force. And if you don't have what it takes to roll in the mud, politics is not for you.

And speaking of not having what it takes, the congressional Democrats' actions of late are not just simply mind numbing but are what inspire the 'both sides are equally corrupt' mantra of those disenchanted with politics. And I get it. I mean, otherwise, are they THAT cowardly? How many times are this administration's officials going to spit in their faces while the Dems respond with “Don’t do that. It’s not nice”? What is the point of battling bazookas with paper clips and rubber bands? Also, what good are the rules if only one side abides by them?

It's quite telling that the gutsiest Dem of the last 30 years has been ostracized and deemed toxic by the party faithful. And yes, he has undeniable flaws, but ask yourself, do you think Bill Clinton would’ve given up like Obama did on Merrick Garland? Or let Mitch McConnell bully him into keeping quiet about Russian interference? I’d bet every last dollar I’ll make for the rest of my life that Slick Willie would not have rolled over and played dead like Obama did. But that’s what Democrats do now: roll over and play dead. (LBJ is rolling in his grave at blinding speed.)

And let’s not kid ourselves, thinking that just by something being obviously wrong is enough to sway people is a Democratic party cardinal sin. It NEVER works. (Just ask Obama.) You have take it to the people and break it down for them. Vociferously AND repeatedly. Otherwise, this wishy-washy nonsense by congressional Democrats looks like they’ve got NOTHING ON HIM and plays into the GOP narrative. Look at how the GOP is spinning the incredibly erroneous but compelling “If the President did something wrong Mueller would’ve indicted him” line. And NO ONE is formally contesting it. THAT’s the core of the Dem ineptitude at the moment.

Oh, and one last thing vis-à-vis voting Trump out: McConnell has promised that no bill for added election security will reach the Senate floor for a vote.

Well, I guess that is, as they say, the ballgame.

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