Sunday, April 28, 2019

Van Jones Is A Sucker - Reason #643

The CNN pundit appeared a few weeks ago at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference—where the gay rights wing of the GOP, the Log Cabin Republicans, up until 2016, were not permitted inside the event and had to assemble outside in the parking lot—invited by Matt Schlapp, a Republican pundit (and CPAC organizer) who essentially defended a statement made by a CPAC official, that former Republican party chairman Michael Steele had been selected for the post because he was black. Yeah, this is what we’re working with here. Anyway…

Jones went to CPAC to heap praise on Republicans for showing leadership on criminal justice reform and bemoan the Democrats’ lack of headway in that direction. I’m not saying Democrats shouldn’t be chastised for not being at the forefront of this issue but to do it at CPAC, of all places, is bullshit.

But that’s not even the worse part. It has come to light that the impetus for Republican interest in criminal justice reform is not the unjust incarceration of the poor and people of color (ha!) but to make it easier on their white collar criminal friends when caught in their usual malfeasance. So, that makes Jones even more of a traitor and a fool.

Damn, homey.

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