Thursday, November 4, 2010

Once Again, Let's Do It For Ourselves (part 2)

This is why:

When Wisconsin's Republican candidate for senator Ron Johnson--running against Democratic incumbent and liberal favorite Russ Feingold--was asked what should be done about the more than 100,000 homeless veterans in the US his answer was "I don’t believe this election is about details. It just isn’t."

He won.

Ron Johnson is against unemployment benefits.

He won.

Ron Johnson wants to maintain the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich.

He won.

Ron Johnson's favorite attack on Feingold was that the Democratic senator voted for the stimulus and healthcare reform.

Ron Johnson won.

Let's put aside the fact that someone like Feingold did the right thing but got no support from the White House--which did such a horrible job of communicating their message that only about 2% of the populace actually knows that their taxes have gone down since Obama has been in office--and take a sobering look at how a man running on a platform of not taking into account details beat out a principled incumbent. I mean, we've all heard of "not sweating the small stuff" but this is not just ridiculous it's offensive, as well. But of greater concern is that Johnson and his ilk will have a vote to help indirectly defeat measures in states where people not only did not vote for him but repudiate his entire platform.

More and more people like Johnson are coming out of the woodwork to undermine things like universal healthcare, unemployment benefits, environmental regulations, proper energy policy, corporate responsibility, on a national level. Let's get our own house in order before they make it even more difficult to do so. Remember, conservatives only back "states' rights" when it's convenient for ther anti-American agenda. Yes, I said anti-American. What else should I call people that consistently go against the interests of the average American?

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