All You Need to Know About Sister Sarah


  1. OK Fine! So Sarah wrote things on her hand to enable her to remember.

    Did any liberals get flustered when Diane Feinstein Did the same thing and violated the rules of the debate in the process? NO!

    People for generations have tied striings on their fingers to remember things. Has this ever bothered anyone? NO!

    For centuries people have written on various body parts things to remember ie. tattoos. But, does any liberal objcet to this mutilation in the name of remembering? NO!

    So, why is it that because one person is singled out for something many of of do daily seem to be passe', wrong or offensive?

    Personally I give her credit for doing so, so she would not foget the more important things that need to be said and reminded of...

    I find the idea that you would condemn her for this action to be rather petty and nitpicking.

    I doubt seriously you will post this on your blog. But then again that is your choice and your freedom, as much as Me stating the extremely obvious is....

    John J Franks IV

  2. The fact that she needed to remind herself of a couple of her basic, everyday talking points by writing them in the palm of her hand, while endlessly criticizing the President for using a teleprompter for his speeches--no mention by her of the recent sans teleprompter beatdown he gave the GOP congressional caucus, though--is the height of her hypocrisy.

  3. This difference you seem to miss is simple. Oblamo "HAS" to use the teleprompters, he "HAS" to use other writers and usually has not clue what to say without the teleprompters/writers. Maybe, he should be the one writing on his hand!

    I mean, if you have to have a teleprompter in a sixth grade class room to talk to children on simplistic subjects what does that say for his intelligence? Is he smarter than a fifth grader?

    Sarah did it once, only once not 450+ times in a year!

    Sarah did not have a complete 3000 word speech written on her hand only 4-5 points. She wrote them, not some neo political writer.

    Palin can and does use her own words. She writes much of her own speeches. She does not pause or stutter or get confused Like The President!

    Every time Oblamo is with out the teleprompters he gaffs, and usually big.

    Like comparing his skills as a bowler to being as good as the kids in the Special Olympics, His wonderful Lipstick gaff that he had to stutter just to get out, and my favorite is all the long pauses and um's & uh's because the prompter is not on que or not working....

    Sarah may not be the the best, but is far better than the Messiah who promised us hope and change, now change is all we are left with.(small change at that)

    John J. Franks IV

  4. Listen, I clearly pointed out the hypocrisy; you chose to defend it. Sans teleprompter the President wiped the floor with the GOP congressional caucus a few weeks ago for all the world to see, but you won't bring that up. Of course not. Fine.

    No one in their right mind, regardless of political affiliation, would ever compare the speeches of the President with the jokesy, pseudo populist, talking points rehash of the former Alaskan governor (which, again, she had to write down--how complicated is it to remember to talk about the 3 talking points you've rehashed to death for the last 18 months?) let alone the intellect of these two people. But your passionate love for Palin and/or passionate dislike of the President won't let you be objective and avoid being disingenuous, so what can I tell ya?

    Know this: those of us that supported and continue to support the current president, do so because he was a better option than the senator who sold out his principles to win--pointlessly, as it turns out--and placed, a heartbeat away from the presidency, a divisive, science and intellect-hating hypocrite who dabbles in sound bites and empty rhetoric just to curry favor with disaffected masses.

    Am I happy with the current administration? Not entirely, the President has not shown leadership and resolve in certain areas and that upsets and dismays me. Do I regret voting for him? Not one iota. He's a man, not a deity, and as such he is sure to make gaffes and mistakes. But after 8 years of an intellectually challenged commander-in-chief we all deserved to have a smart guy have a whack at it. Or do you consider being smart and intellectually curious some liberal elite affectation, my friend?

    It's both sad and ironic that you use the 'Messiah' reference--which is not the language of conservatives but of far-right instigators--when your rabid defense of Sarah Palin is of someone who has bestowed messianic status to her. But I doubt you'll see it that way, since allegiance to Palin is not the same as for Obama: those of us that support him are a mindless cult of arrogant, America-hating snobs; while she's a real American, with all the wonderful attributes that entails, right?

    Like I've said before, if it's done by the Right, it's alright.


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