Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Because the Internet is 2.0, Doesn’t Mean People Have To Be

by Harold Martinez
[translated from Spanish by KJ]

I find it amazing that of all the people I know there are only a few of those who prefer a healthy phone conversation over social networks, email and text messages via cell phones. Understandably, it’s more practical to send a quick line than to make a call on multiple occasions, but to only interact via text for everything I find inexplicable. I do not understand, do not accept it and I will not be part of the 2.0 conglomerate in which, apparently, we are all enrolled.

From today on, I will not have anymore text messaging on my cell phone. And for months now, I’ve only been answering emails during the early hours of the day. Some time ago I stopped being on MySpace; I’m just writing about things related to my new addiction which is running, but I still have Facebook because some of my close family members have registered and we communicate that way. But I’m considering closing my account. I have really gotten tired of the impersonality of these times and I refuse to remain part of modernity.

Call me naive, idealistic or romantic... But the truth is I got bored of the virtual world in terms of my interactions with humans. It struck me deeply that someone that I know, with whom I’ve shared drinks, or some interest in particular, feels strange to talk on the phone or they simply decide to send 40 text messages instead of having a conversation... I'm sorry, I can’t process this. I tried to do for months, and tried to being a little indulgent, but I’ve had enough. Occasionally it’s good to have some tact.

Good luck to all my 2.0 friends, I’ll be sure to send a postcard from the real world. My cell is still the same; if you want to call me, call me.

[Harold Martinez is a talented all-around visual artist, documentarian, and believe it or not, an electronic gadget junkie. - KJ]