Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lysol of the Sunshine Variety

It's not going to happen but I'd really like to see the wackjobs in the so-called "birthers" movement--who pathetically decry President Obama's alleged lack of US citizenship--get their day on the Hill.

Speaker Pelosi
should let the Republican-sponsored bill that would require future presidental candidates to present an original birth certificate, come to the floor for a vote, thus exposing this petty nonsense for all to see. Because, in fact, what these idiotic, irresponsible congressmen and their poisoned kool-aid drinking followers want is not to put this bullshit conspiracy theory about Obama to rest, but in fact perpetuate it. But the end result would be for independents and reasonable people all over to witness the nasty, trivial nature of the sore-loser, lunatic Republican fringe and assure a Democratic victory for years to come.

I'm sick and tired of these assholes. If you don't like Obama and disagree with his plans for this country, fine. But debate him on the merits, not this unseemly, guttersniping trash. What scum!

The old saying, regarding sunshine being the best disinfectant, certainly applies here.

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