Monday, February 23, 2009

Ahnold Gets His Priorities Straight

With GOP governors like Mississippi's Hayley Barbour and Louisiana's Bobby Jindal playing politics with the President Obama's stimulus package and consequently with the welfare of their constituents by rejecting money from it--to gain points, with whom, exactly?--it was refreshing to hear California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tell his obstructionist party brethren what time it is:

"You just tell them that anyone that doesn't want to take the money: I'm ready to take their money and rebuild California."

That, is--ahem--a money quote.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Lt Gov. Mitch Landrieu criticized his state's no.1 for refusing $98m in federal unemployment assistance and remarked Jindal "needs to choose whether to represent the state of Louisiana or be the spokesman for the national Republican party."

But Arnold isn't the only Republican governor who is putting people before politics in this situation. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Florida's Charlie Crist are also taking care of their responsibilities and priorities. The latter told the Washington Post:

"We plan to utilize [the stimulus] for the people of our state as much as possible. I'm thinking about people, not politics."

Not to mention his appearance on NBC's Meet The Press where he advocated for political unity in times of crisis, stating:

"There is a national leader; his name is President Obama."

Yes, he's gonna catch hell from many on the right, but he's obviously looking at the big picture: it paints him as a
bipartisan man of the people and shores up political points with the increasingly Democratic-leaning voters of his state, a by-product which I have no problem with. I see that sorta thing as equivalent to making money off environmentally-friendly products and services; if you make loot while doing a greater good, God bless.

As for Barbour, Jindal, and co. I am hoping when election time comes, the constituents of the Grandstanding Obstructionist Politicians will, as my dear mother says, hand them an invoice paybable by departure.

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