Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Because You Make it Up, Mr/Mrs. Wingnut, Doesn't Make it So...

Dedicated encounters with religious leaders are a routine thing for politicians. Sen. Obama took in a meeting with a Michigan imam while campaigning out there last week. Guess what? The right wing blogosphere goes berserk: all of a sudden it turns out Imam Hassan Qazwini is...

one of Hezbollah’s mos
t important imams and agents in America

an agent of the Iranian government,” who supports “Palestinian homicide bombings, HAMAS, and Hezbollah.”

And because Obama met with this imam, it “says a lot about the company Obama keeps…and why he shouldn’t be President,” according to wingnut Debbie Schlussel (which is kindly described as “the K-Mart version of Ann Coulter” by blogger Oliver Willis).
Tough spot for Sen. Obama. Except…

Imam Hassan Qazwini gave the opening prayer before Congress in 2003; met with this administration’s National Security Council concerning the toppling of Saddam Hussein; has been invited to the Bush White House about a half dozen times; was an active participant in the president’s Faith Based Initiative event held at the White House.

So, Bush shouldn’t be president since he associates with “one of Hezbollah’s most important imams and agents in America ,” “an agent of the Iranian government,” who supports
Palestinian homicide bombings, HAMAS, and Hezbollah?” What does that say about him?

How dare you?!” say the wingnuts.

Um, well…

That's Imam Hassan Qazwini on the right.

Wait, it gets better...


People, every day the wingnuts pull “facts” out of their asses and think that if they recite them loudly and forcibly enough, we’ll believe them to be true. Or that we’ll forget they’re coming from a criminal hypocrite. (I’m looking at you, Oliver North.) Just like the L.A. talk radio host, Kevin James (not the comedian), who appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball last week, called Obama a ‘terrorist appeaser’ and thus compared the senator to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Of course, when host Chris Matthews called him on it, we discovered Kevin James had no idea what Chamberlain did or who he was. Why let truth or knowledge get in the way of a good propaganda smear?

How ‘bout William Kristol’s column in the NY Times stating that Obama had no chance to get the Dems’ nomination since no candidate who had lost a state primary by such a wide margin as Obama did in West Virginia—41 points—had, in recent times become a party’s presidential candidate. Hmmm…didn’t McCain get trounced earlier this year by 85 points in Utah and 41 points in Colorado by Mitt Romney, and again by 41 points by Mike Huckabee in Arkansas ?

That’s why the Obama campaign has to be vigilant and confront these clowns immediately and swiftly with catchy sound bites—my new favorite is ‘John W. McCain’—that both sucker punches them in the gut and gets the point across to the masses. That’s what I’m talking about.

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