Fox: Obama Gives Back Chunk of AZ to Mexico

Man, they've got balls over in Murdoch land.

A strip of an Arizona wildlife preserve on the border Mexico has been closed off to visitors--for security reasons, due to increased violence in the area--since 2006. You know, when W. was still president.

So, what does Fox Noise do in these times of controversy regarding AZ's stance on illegal immigrants? Why, fan more flames by reporting on their supposed news shows, not on the propaganda hours of Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, etc that President Obama has actually given Mexico a stretch of land by the border. And then, after the damage is done, erase all record of ever having reported it. Un-fucking-believable.

No, wait--what am I saying? I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE Fox is capable of this kind of wretched, unethical bullshit. Sensen No Sen has the complete lowdown.


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